Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Known Facts About Me

1. When I was around four I got a small seed, that looked like a whoopi cushion, stuck in my ear and had to have it flushed out at the doctor's.
2. Growing up I had hairy arms and legs, so I began shaving in 4th grade.
3. I was named after my great-grandmother and grandmother on my ukrainian side.
4. I once made a deal with the devil for blue eyes, but I never signed anything.
5. Middle school was hell. Especially the math teacher Mrs. Forti. Yea like the number.
6. I actually dropped out of high school at one point, only to re-enroll the following year after adult school.
7. I used to get new ear piercings every month at Claire's.
8. I have one tattoo that people can never figure out.
9. A pervy boss in my first job told me he dreamt about me sleeping over in his bed.
10. Throughout high school I did a lot of dumb things with dumb people.
11. I go through phases with friends.
12. Sometimes I have unrealistic standards for people, and it makes relationships difficult.
13. I once crapped my pants on the way home from the store. I was young.
14. My stomach sometimes prevents me from doing things.
15. I have always wanted to be famous.
16. I can draw very well and love to write stories.
17. My second grade teacher read a book I wrote to my class, and she told my parents that she had waited 30 years for a student like me.
18. I am an amazing eyebrow stylist because I've been doing mine since 4th grade.
19. My first kiss took place at the age of 16.
20. One day I will write a book that will help people from everywhere through my own lessons.