Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cosme-terminology Quiz: Hair Porosity

What does the term "hair porosity" mean?

A. The amount of hair streams, whorls, and cowlicks
B. The average number of hairs on a head
C. The number of breathable pores in each strand of hair
D. The ability of the hair to absorb moisture
E. The percent to which hair can be stretched

If you said D. you're right.

Hair porosity is the ability of the hair to absorb moisture. Porosity depends on the quality of the cuticle layer, and hair can be classified as either:

  • resistant - hair with a tight, compact cuticle layer; it requires stronger chemicals to process
  • normal - hair that is neither too resistant, nor too porous. Chemical results happen as expected.
  • porous - hair with a raised, or damaged, cuticle layer; this type requires a gentle solution 


Carmen said...

I like the little quiz forum. It's fun. I also like that I got the answer right too!! I love your blog.