Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cosme-terminology Quiz: Terminal Hair

What is Terminal Hair?

A. Diseased Hair
B. Bleached Hair that Appears White
C. Long, Soft Hair of the Scalp, Legs, Arms, and Bodies
D. Processed Hair with Almost No Protective Cuticle Layer

If you answered C, you're right!

Terminal hair is the long, soft hair that can be found on the scalp, legs, arms and bodies of human males and females.  This hair can grow up to three feet long and it's coarser in texture than some other hair.  During puberty, changes in hormone levels can cause some areas of very fine hair to be replaced with thicker terminal hair.  This type of hair is usually whatever color your hair is, but it can also turn gray with age.


Ann said...

Not attractive at all!