Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review: Cami Secret

Have you seen the ads for this cleavage covering product? I recently decided to give Cami Secret a try to see if it actually works. 

Don't they look a little like thongs? 

For before and after photos:
Having visible cleavage can be great for a date, a night out, or if you just want to feel sexy.  However, if you're going to grandma's 80th birthday bash, it might be best to cover up the girls.

Here's my before and after:



I have to say that this product is very easy to figure out. It snaps around your bra straps, and you can move it higher or lower depending on your preference. Although, it takes a little maneuvering to get the piece to lay flat, it was comfortable. In a pinch, I love having these handy. The package I bought at the drugstore included three pieces (white, black, and beige.) No more running frantically for a last minute tank top. I just toss these in my delicates' drawer, and I can grab one whenever I need it.

Verdict: For ten bucks, buy it! The Cami Secret site


Carmen said...

I really like this product. I was on my way to Easter dinner with the family, when my daughter brought it to my attention that maybe this wasn't the time for cleavage. She also had the answer to the problem, Cami Secret. I just snapped it around my bra amd it looked like I had a fancy tank top under my blouse.