Monday, April 18, 2011

Rave Fave: Deodorant

If you're anything like me, you try to be health-conscious as best you can.  One product I've had a hard time finding, has been a long-lasting deodorant.  I've tried countless brands, avoided aluminum products, and suffered the stinky consequences time and again.

Anyone who knows me has heard me quietly apologize after a hug because I use "natural deodorant."  Not anymore!  I can finally hug my friends and family without feeling self-conscious.  I recently purchased a deodorant from my natural health food store, and it works.  No more smelly pits, to my relief.

Herbal Magic's Roll-On Deodorant in Unscented contains no aluminum or artificial preservatives.  The ingredient list is easy to read, and it's safe for even sensitive skin.

I like to apply the moist roller under both of my arms once, let it dry, and then apply it again for extra protection.

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What are your deodorant pet peeves?  Have you found a natural remedy that works?  Share here!


Theresa said...

That is a funny picture! I'm going to look for this deodorant though. It's good to know there are alternatives to harmful chemical based products.