Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Style Trend: Break These Fashion Rules

Every day I love watching my morning shows.  Today, I caught up with Hoda and Kathy Lee on NBC's "Today Show," and they had on Joe Zee of Elle Magazine.  He's the Creative Director, and if I'm not mistaken, he also writes a column and tweets like it's nobody's business.

His appearance this morning was all about breaking the rules of fashion.  I love the idea of stepping a little out of line when it comes to dress.  Dolling yourself up is supposed to be about having fun and making a statement.  After all, who was it that said we can't wear white after Labor Day?  Does anyone even know.  Perhaps it was an angry village mother who thought white on her tan daughter's body made the boys get a little too crazy.

Here are some of Joe Zee's tips:

  • You can use your daytime look for night.
  • Black and blue is striking, and it makes a sexy combination.
  • Leopard is Elle's new favorite color; use animal prints to shake things up.

  • Toss denim jackets over everything!  They function great as cardigans or blazers.  
Watch the show clip here.
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Do you live by the book?  What are some fashion rules you love to keep or break?