Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Fashion: Coral and Purple Colorblocking

It may be Christmas Eve, but that doesn't stop a girl from picking bright colors that aren't red or green. 

This morning while getting ready, a little voice in my head said Hey, why not think outside of the box for the holiday season? So, instead of grabbing something sparkly and silver or gold, I opted for an orange color burst on my nails and my favorite periwinkle winter scarf and not-so-wintery flats. To accessorize the look, I added a matching oversize ring. The ring cost me less than five dollars, but I get compliments about it every time I wear it. To pull the look together, I added starfish earrings and a peach shade of blush to warm up my cheeks.

One of the girls at work said my nails look very springy, but she really liked them.

Go for the unexpected, ladies. It's what keeps us unique and mysterious ;)

Happy holidays! 

xo Sara