Monday, September 8, 2014

Mist Your Way to Moisturized with Fake Bake Oil Free Mistifier

Light. Fragrant. Velvety.

Fall may be a few short summer sunsets away, but that doesn’t mean your skin won’t need nourishment under those pants and long sleeves. Recently, Fake Bake sent me a sample of their new Oil-Free Mistifier body spray moisturizer. This gentle and enriching spray moisturizer has been a great addition to my beauty arsenal, especially during quick mornings before a big makeup gig. I love that it comes out in an even and light mist that can be used daily. 

Gone are the days of globs of moisturizer smeared between fingers from a too-generous tube squeeze. Aloe, Ginger, Green Tea, and Vitamin E culminate to offer superbly soft, silky smooth skin. I can appreciate the gentle application, which can be customized to suit dry, oily, and in-between skin types. The bottle contains four ounces of product and is small enough to tote daily in a purse. For the ultimate user-friendly experience, be sure to hold the can at least eight inches away from your skin and spray in long even strokes. This product can be rubbed in with the hands, and those who wish to use it as a face moisturizer can apply it to the face with a sponge. 

Revel in your most beautiful skin through summer and into autumn with Fake Bake's Oil-Free Mistifier Moisturizer Body Spray, which retails for $10.99.

What's your favorite Fake Bake product?