Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who Are You? Who Who Who Who

Okay, so as most everyone knows by my passionate and overly excited attitude, I have been helped by something called chiropractic. I have even gone as far as to consider it a possible career choice. But I seem to have this fear of commitment type of scenario. It seems that everytime I feel that I've wrangled my options down to one career choice, something happens that makes me second-guess the choice, myself, and how life will be. I know that I can do anything and I mean anything that I put my mind to, but honestly it is really scary to me to be doing just one of the many possibilities there are out there, for the rest of my life. Granted, I may be taking this a little too strongly. I mean you can always change fields and paths, but I am the quintessential perfectionist. It's all or nothing with me baby, and I want to be in it to win it. I want something I can picture myself doing for years down the line. Something gratifying, intellectual, personal, and passionate. I also want time for myself, family, and friends. I have always done things my way, usually finding out that my way was the hard way, but its this whole phoenix rising part of my personality that must bury myself under tons of ashes, trials and tribulations, only to emerge stronger and more powerful than before. I enjoy the emerging part, but the burying is very taxing. I really feel like I am on this earth for self-discovery, as selfish and commonplace as that may sound, I like to help others in my own way by having life experiences and then sharing what I've learned. I also love school!!! Which makes it that much harder to picture myself in and out of it, and into a career for the rest of my life. It really just comes down to this.. Your twenties are made for exploring your options, dabbling per say, to find your true unique interests that make you happy. Forget about salaries and focus on what it was, that true element of you, that stood out at an early age. Whether you were a budding artist doodling away on the wall with crayons, or a disney movie princess singing till her heart was content. Find your young passions and muster them up, for that may be your true calling. I bet you're thinking, practice what you preach honey, and you'll figure it out. As for me, the term Jack of all Trades is very applicable, but I must say, writing and drawing were two of my most esteemed enjoyments at that time, and I am currently in the pursuit of happiness, testing the waters one career at a time.
Currently reading : Writing Your Life: Putting Your Past on Paper By Lou W. Stanek
Release date: 1996-12-01