Sunday, June 15, 2008


Last week I dragged my feet to Newark airport to board a very early trip to Chicago for some (no, make that MANY) seminars with my four coworkers. I typically am not afraid to fly, unlike some people close to me. This flight, however, should be marked down as one of the worst flights in any of our five person travel history. It started out with three crying babies, and about twenty other planes on the runway. We had to wait it out for awhile, but then the flight seemed normal, ear popping intact. It was about a three hour flight, and when landing time came.......
I'll throw this out there. Have you ever been on a rollercoaster? The kind that builds momentum and has you anticipating the freefall to come. Well, this was nothing like that. It started out like the middle of a rollercoaster, bouncing around everywhere. I could feel the pressure of the winds fighting our every move. The person next to me even started crying. I was getting nauseas, and typically I don't get bothered, but let me tell you something. I dreamed of the day I could feel the ground and a stable porcelain throne underneath my thighs. I couldn't help asking myself why I was even there. Having been very sick the past week, missing two days of work and my voice, something was telling me to just get through it. Push on. Go forward.
Finally, after circling back around the airport because there was "debris on the runway," hello bullshit lie. Myself and my crying friend to the left were so happy to get the hell off of that plane. We found ourselves a van taxi to take us to the Hyatt and we checked in. Unfortunately, I had to share a room with two other ladies and a bed with one of them. Cough cough "cheap boss." And the seminars had already begun so we booked out of our two minutes to ourselves to attend hour long lectures about profitability. It wasn't so bad. We got to hear entrepreneur Michael Gerber speak, and I got to learn a little more about everyone, being outside of the office. Still, we couldn't wait to get back home.
P.S. The returning flight went so smooth. It was like slicing into a warm brownie, and being home felt oh so delicious...