Friday, April 22, 2011

5 Body Parts To Beautify

When you think of "beauty" what do you picture? Gorgeous hair. Perfect eyebrows. Smoky eyes. Pouty lips. A healthy-looking tan. Those are all important components of being beautiful, so bravo if your mind makes those associations. Now, stretch the picture a little bit bigger.

When it comes to beauty, you should think of ALL areas of your body. After all, a person with a perfect face can have many a flaw beneath his or her jawline.

Here are five areas you should never neglect when it comes to beauty:

     Neck                                            Shoulders


Elbows                                         Knees   

  • Neck - When it comes to the region beneath your face, give it a little love, too. Don't forget to wash, exfoliate, moisturize and protect this often neglected area. If you're in a rush and can't slather your neck in SPF, pick a pretty scarf to wear.
  • Shoulders - This area is prone to sunburn and eventually sagging skin. Spend some time moisturizing the shoulders. Be sure to protect them and cover them up if you're going to spend prolonged amounts of time in the sun. Believe me, I've got lots of new freckles to prove the importance of taking care of your shoulders.
  • Heels - The skin of the heels is known to crack under pressure, and I'm talking about the weight of your body.  Take time to slough of dead skin, moisturize and massage this area. No one wants crusty, dry feet to show when they slip on a sexy sandal or stiletto. Your honey might even give you a foot massage if he or she knows the skin is silky smooth.
  • Elbows - When Ludacris tells you to "throw them bows" do people start backing out of the club? Just because you can't really see your elbows all the time doesn't mean others can't either. Left alone for a long time, the skin of the elbows can harden, darken, and dry out.  Think elephant skin. Give this area some extra TLC. Always remember to moisturize your elbows.
  • Knees - Head, shoulders... Like the rest of our body parts, the knees are prone to sagging as we age. Today, there are even surgical procedures to give this area a lift. If you want to stay smooth and sexy from now into your later years, be kind to this part of your legs. For as long as you want to wear short skirts and dresses, this area will be visible; don't you want your knees to scream SEXY?
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What are your tricks to keeping these areas in tip-top shape?


Olezik said...

I think that the neck and the heels are definitely 2 parts of the body that are surely neglected during wash because those are just parts that no one thinks to focus on because everyone thinks that by washing the other parts of the body, you are simultaneously washing these parts too.

Nice post!