Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why am I here?

The other day, for no reason other than fate, I was drawn to my bookshelf to one book: Straight up and Dirty by Stephanie Klein, a memoir about her pre and post divorce life and finding herself. I had purchased it two years ago while working in a salon run by a very Hitleresque Russian woman. Not very coincidentally, Sex and the City the movie had also just come out, reminding me of my dream job in journalism. I started to read the book and really got into it.

I love stories about overcoming and learning about one's self. There is this whole phoenix rising thing I do, hence the unconventionalist. Anyway, I really felt something for the author and her voice throughout, so I decided to ask her for advice. Very surprisingly to me, she extended a reply basically telling me to follow my heart in writing. I subscribed to her website and got introduced to the world of blogging. I also found out that she was touring for her second memoir and would be in the nearby city!

Although I was quite sick and without a voice, I trucked it to see her. I brought my copy and had it signed: Sara, Follow your Passions! -Stephanie Klein. It didn't take much convincing on my part that this all happened for a reason.

Currently I work in a chiropractic office as a receptionist and assistant. Yes, I left the Nazi salon for greener pastures. Anyway, chiropractic has helped me through a number of challenges: allergies, depression, stomach issues, better breathing and posture, and increased immunity etc. I seriously began to consider it a possible career for me, but as I've been in the business for nine months, it seems very monotonous and demanding. Not to sound selfish, but I would like adequate time for myself and future family, and although salary has the potential to be more than a medical doctor, I don't want to be one of those people having a midlife crisis because I am not doing what I love in life.

Shoot to recently and trying to "find myself," I feel that this moment of being pulled toward writing must mean something, and here I am blogging a bit to see what happens. So there you have my why, and I hope to have all of the other answers to my questions unfold just as beautifully.. and soon!!


Stephanie Klein said...

So wonderful you're writing this blog. Thank you for the kind note. You have a new reader in me.

JackiB said...

Read: eat, pray, love