Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who Says Wolves Run in Packs?

Someone's been haunting my dreams
and stealing my boyfriend. This some-

one, I know, and he would never, ever
touch. And you can say whatever you want

about men and what they want, but I can
tell you just the same, not all men

are alike. Nor are all women the
ones wishing to be saved by this fairy-

tale white knight with iron armor ready to
defend her fair, flowing feminine honor. There are

some women who look like wolves, and when they
smile, they curl back ruby lips and show a mouth

full of canine teeth the way a German
Shepherd would, right before it attacks. These

women flaunt it like that "goddamn red dress" and want
to stand out, to achieve some kind of provocation. Maybe

for power, or you might think control, but I sense
these women, the wolves, are actually

the ones dreaming of the knight. Only it
is the fate of their kind to be a lone.


Sariana said...

I am considering removing all early stanzas and beginning with "There are some women who look like wolves..." Not sure yet. What do YOU think?

Lisa Christina said...

i see what you're saying but i also like the earlier stanzas because they refer to the "what men want" poem. i really like how you took the poems from class and wrote a poem about them. i think laura would love this.