Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Advantages of Aloe

The Aloe Vera plant is synonymous with soothing sunburn, but there are a variety of other benefits to squeezing its juicy nectar.  When you break open a thick green stalk of Aloe, you are breaking open a treasure trove of nutrients & minerals existing inside an environment that is 99.5% water. 

These include:

·         amino acids
·         enzymes
·         vitamins C & E
·         minerals
·         plant steroids
·         polysaccharides
·         galactose
·         silica & zinc

Aloe is high in sulphur, & its slightly acidic pH creates the perfect antibacterial atmosphere, if you happen to suffer from dandruff.  Each of these benefits helps to naturally fortify follicles, reflect light, & add instant gloss to a dull do.  Used medicinally for more than 3000 years, & especially during ancient Egyptian times, Aloe has been used as a first aid cure for skin irritation (including hives), wounds, burns, & infections. 
 Beauty tips:

·         dab a drop on freshly tweezed skin
·         blot a small amount over frizzy hair
·         use on insect bites, razor burn, minor scrapes, & sunburns
·         apply as a hair mask for 15 mins before shampooing
·         make facial toner w/ pure aloe vera gel & equal parts water
·         make styling spritz by adding liquid aloe & ½ teaspoon of olive oil in a spray bottle

If you’re making a concoction that requires spritzing, opt for Aloe Vera juice.  You can buy the juice at the health food store, or you can make it at home by mixing ¼ cup of Aloe gel from your plant with 1 tablespoon of distilled water.  Blend for 10-20 seconds.

It’s also a less expensive alternative to costly cosmetics.  For as long as your aloe plant stays alive, you can reap the benefits of breaking off a piece. If that’s not a Green Thumb in your pocket & you’re just happy to see me, as mentioned earlier, you can buy Aloe juice from the health food store.  I’ve heard it’s the purest form.

* If a product lists Aloe Vera on its label, but doesn’t require refrigeration, the amount must be too miniscule to matter.  Don’t waste your $$$.  Buy a plant, instead.


MT said...

Cool post.

Kate said...

My parents always gave my brother and I aloe for our burns and scrapes but I'm glad you've given other ways to use it as well. Think I'll go break some off our plant right now! =)

Sariana said...

Great to hear your parents knew this trick. I keep a plant, too. It's fresh, looks pretty, & I can break off a piece whenever I need it.