Friday, August 14, 2009

A Dream Dictionary

It started with a bushy tailed, bright eyed fawn, and it was eating out of the palm of my hand!
I came home from a late night out, and for some reason I was without my usual car, so I walked up to our white chain link fence, and there it was staring at me. Somehow a gentle white spotted baby deer was hanging out in our yard enjoying the lawn under a sapphire sky. It walked over, and magically I had food in my hands. I did what seemed most logical. I fed it. This went on for awhile, me just feeding the fawn. I wondered what it meant, so I consulted the only person I trusted enough to ask. My spiritual consultant.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked.

"Sure, what's up?" he asked.

"I know that sometimes in Shamanism our animal spirit can come and visit us while we're dreaming," I said. "I've been having a lot of animal dreams lately. One in particular that stands out from last night."

"Okay, tell me about it," he said.

"Well I was hand feeding a baby deer in my yard," I said. "It went on for quite some time and just kept going back to me feeding the fawn. Are there any dream dictionaries that could help?"

We looked through a few of them. Mostly he flipped through the pages quickly and put them back on the shelf.

"The problem with dream dictionaries," he said. "is that they aren't personalized. There are so many possible meanings under each animal or circumstance, but what about what it means to you?"

"I guess you're right," I said staring at his oversized buddha ears and dreadlocks.

"What does the fawn mean to you?" he asked.

I thought about it for a few seconds. I pictured the deer eating out of my hand and what calm, knowing creatures they are. I imagined how they stay near the woods and retreat to them if there's a threat. How instinctive they are, quickly taking off if need be. But mostly, how if you're slow and quiet they will stay around you and just watch. They will trust you because they trust themselves. They trust their intuition.

"Well, I guess it represents gentleness, quietness, intuition, and spirituality," I said.

One time my brother and I went for a long walk in one of the state parks we live near. We moved slowly remeniscing about the past year and our future goals for our jobs and relationships. We headed up a wide empty dirt trail that was surrounded by woods on either side. The sun sparked the tips of the strands of my eyelashes, causing me to see rainbows on their ends.

"Look over there," my brother said pointing to the left.

"What?" I asked.

Standing in the woods only about ten yards away were a group of about six, or so, deer. They grazed at the forest floor and stopped to look at me as well. I was humbled by their natural beauty. Their massive muscular bodies stood strong, but there was also a kindness, an understanding I found in their gentle eyes. They were smart, spiritual. We stood their for a few minutes and walked the rest of the way down the trail. The deer continued to eat.

"So what do you get from this interpretation?" my spiritual consultant asked.

"Maybe it's my power animal?" I asked.

He took a pause.

"Well, the simple act that you were feeding the animal," he said. "and your description of what the deer means to you..."

"I have to feed my inner spirituality!" I said. "I've felt it lately. My soul's been hungry to get more involved in this stuff, and I've been meaning to."

"There you go!" he said with a smile.

Now that's what I call dream interpretation! Since then I've been reading up a lot about spirituality and nature religions. I find them so fulfilling and respectful toward this great universe we call home and all of its creatures and ebbs and flows. The moral of the story, trust your intuition and listen to your dreams. Sometimes you actually do know what your subconscious is trying to say. Look within yourself to figure it out, and honor the messengers who bring you symbolism within themselves.


Blasé said...

I see a lot of Deer, mainly off the highway dead. Sometimes I'll see some grazing in the fields.

rik said...

quite creative

Anonymous said...

Glad to find this blog. I had a similar dream but was feeding a Mother deer and her fawn, flowers from my hands. Then I woke up. I really wanted to go back to that dream. It was so peaceful.