Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I want him to moan
unimaginable things
while he lays in bed
covered in blood.

I want to kneel down
beside him and show him
what making love is
all about. Passing on

something new for him
to leave with. Becoming
both teacher and student
at the same time. I want

him to hold our moment,
with both bloodied hands,
and catch his breath while
losing everything else.


Anonymous said...

Gross svin, whats is that all bout, hope your not talking about me!

Rose said...

Is this about a good steak? Ha-Ha!!!

Lisa Christina said...

vampires? maybe? idk i like the eerie-ness though. seems like you were trying something new =]

Lisa Christina said...

or MAYBE... after rereading this and noticing the title, is it about having a child? a son, to be more specific? or am i going way to deep into this? lol

Sariana said...

I like the different reading into it. It has several possible interpretations, and they're all real and inspiring to me :)