Monday, March 2, 2009

John from the Post Office

It's the uneducated that
actually say to their own child
"Hey what's wrong with you? You
go to college. Don't they teach

you anything in that school? You should be
smarter." And I find it funny, no
actually sad, that this person of humble academic
background, my father, brings cupcakes and

coins to the people at my job
"so they might like you better." And when I
walk in to the happy co-workers' chatter,
they say "Your father

is such a great man. He must be a great
dad." I smile and nod. And try to
not let their kind words do equal damage.


Kateorade said...

this makes me sad =( which means you did a good job capturing my attention! i kinda want to kick him for saying that stuff...