Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This September

This month has had such a positive spin to it that it must be recognized. Firstly, I've officially gotten my cute little butt back in school and love my classes. Journalism is very cut and dry and factual, so creative writing helps to feed my inner thoughts and interests. Both are amazing for the aspiring writer and student. My teachers are awesome and the assignments I'm working on have great potential to become full-length pieces for publication. On my second assignment for journalism, I was introduced to the amazing world of "Where Peace Lives" and the "Crop Walk," two charitable organizations aimed at promoting world peace and ending starvation all over the world. I met a lot of people in that one day and have begun my own networking as a writer and business woman. Beyond that, I've spent some great time over my sisterly cousin's house spending time with her girls and beginning a creative collaboration that will be successful. I've also joined the honor's society at my school, opening the door for possible scholarships and opportunities. Poking my head into the newspaper and creative writing clubs, I know that there is open space for my ideas and room for me to grow and get published, and the whole English department at school is very supportive and willing to offer help in anything. There are a lot of on-campus events coming up that I look forward to, as well. As for work, it has culminated my first year in the office this month, and I am excited for our impending Patient Appreciation Dinner at a nice restaurant nearby. My life is moving in an upward direction toward goals that even I may be unaware of, but I know that its right and good. This makes me so happy and hopeful for the present and future.


Rob said...

Good for you Sara. I'm glad things are finally coming together for you.