Thursday, May 5, 2011

Did Bristol Palin Have Plastic Surgery?

This is the Bristol I recognize, but now plastic surgery rumors are spreading like wildfire that the young Palin has had work done to reshape her face.

For her recent and shocking photo:

Would you recognize the DWTS contestant if you saw this picture first?

What do you think? Surgery or weight loss? Leave your thoughts below!


Mary said...

I liked Bristol on Dancing With The Stars. I think she lost weight and that is why she looks different. I think she's a pretty girl.

Sabrina said...

Bristol definitely lost a ton of weight. Her face however, not changed all too much. Definitely not suspect of any signs of surgery..

Marlee said...

I totally think she got surgery. Chin and nose seem different to me. Then again I don't know her. Hell even a wierd angle would probably make it look like she got surgery.

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