Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Trick to Wide Eyes and Fanned-Out Lashes

Last Saturday, I was lucky to be able to take a Master Class with M.A.C cosmetics! I got to learn so many cool tips, one of which I'm going to share with my favorite beauty lovers (You) right now. 

Who doesn't love beautiful long, individually separated, lashes? I know I do. Well, there's an easy way to apply mascara for a wide-eyed long-lashed look, and I bet you'll never forget it once you know what it is.
The trick is simple.

First, remember to always curl your lashes before mascara. I've experienced lots of lash loss by curling them with makeup on. Mascara can cause hairs to stick to the curler and then tear out once you pull it away. Even one of the makeup artists for M.A.C confirmed this for me, so be smart. Curl first!

Then, apply mascara strokes like the direction of a handheld fan. The middle hairs should be worked straight up, and the corners should be shimmied over to their respective sides.
The photo below illustrates this concept beautifully. Can you see how the lashes are all going in the direction of visibly opening the eye up? By spreading the hairs out, your eyes will appear more open and defined, your lashes more natural looking.

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What are your tips for opening up the eye area? Do you have a favorite mascara or eyelash curler? Don't be shy. I'd love to hear from you! (So would your fellow beauty lovers, for that matter.)


Kelly said...

I know from experience that this trick works great, I don't curl my lashes but I've found applying mascara this way, you almost don't have to. I love Clinique's High Impact mascara, it doesn't clump and it's reasonably priced for a great mascara.

Mary said...

Wow! I love the gold color!! How gorgeous!!

Sariana said...

Thank you Kelly! What a great tip :) I'll have to check that mascara out.