Tuesday, May 3, 2011

6 Ways to Stay Young Looking

When I was a little girl I wanted to look older. Now that I'm in my twenties, each year I pray that Father Time will let my look slip by unscathed by the hands of time. In doing this, I gather tips and tricks from the most gorgeous celebrities I can.

Here is a photo of one of my favorite desperate housewives, Teri Hatcher. I can still remember the days when she used to play Lois Lane on the television version of "Superman." In my opinion, Teri has aged beautifully. For a woman of her age, she still looks hip and hot. However, these two photos below are meant to show Teri when her look makes her appear unintentionally older, and when her look clearly makes her appear younger. Can you tell which is which?

 If you think the first photo doesn't do Teri justice, then you agree with me. There's something about the wild, dark hair and dark makeup that ages this sultry star. The photo on the right appears to have the opposite effect. Teri goes light on the makeup, and even on her hair, and she looks glowing.

Keep reading to find out the six tricks you can use to naturally shave the years off.

Here are six simple steps to fool the mirror, and your friends, into thinking either you're younger than you are or perhaps you've finally been bitten by the vampire of your dreams.

  • Wear light lip colors. Dark colors bring the drama, but light shades brighten and have a less harsh effect.
  • Use sunless tanners. A warm glow can hide imperfections and make you appear younger and sun-kissed.
  • Avoid dressing too matchy. The current style trends emphasize ensembles that look nice together without looking too put-together. When you think "too matchy" think of the Queen of England. Does she look young to you?
  • Go for a dewy look. A little shine can be great, as it makes skin appear full and moist. Powders can be drying, and if they aren't a great quality, they can emphasize lines and wrinkles like nothing else. Dewy looks are in all year round if you want to look younger.
  • Keep eyeliner soft and natural looking. Thick lines are great for the runway and those days when you want to be rocker chic, but if you're trying to de-emphasize wrinkles around the eyes or if your goal is to soften up, go for light liner. You can even make your eyes appear bigger with this trick.
  • If you color your hair, maintain your hair roots. It's one thing if your roots are just a shade or two darker than the box color, it's a whole different story if your roots are gray, white, or opposite the color of the rest of your hair. White or gray roots can make hair appear to be thinning at the part, as it will match with the color of the scalp. Notice how frequently your hair grows, and keep up with it like you do your lawn.


Carmen said...

I agree, the photo on the right is a much more flattering photo of Teri Hatcher.