Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I've started classes and wanted to feel them out some more before writing about them, but what the hell?

The first class, journalism 101, is very cool. I feel like a reporter at my newspaper job, and everyone in the class has good energy about writing and developing a story. A lot of the girls want to work for magazines, and my passion for writing fits right in. Our job is to go out there and get the story, write a good one, and hand it in with the hopes that it makes it into the school newspaper. There is no textbook, so its up to us to take notes and become naturals. I'm excited. Our first assignment to the public is this Thursday!

My second, and so far favorite class, is creative writing. On the first day of class we got lots of handouts, worked through two writing exercises, and did an icebreaker.We have a pretty big group of mostly femme fatales, but a couple artsy guys are also in the class. I find that pretty sexy. I like creative guys who can appreciate their emotions and express them through words. Enough with making guys suppress their feelings! It doesn't make them any less of a man to be in touch with themselves. Anyway, I've ordered my books and can't wait for their arrival.

Today my other non-fiction creative writing class begins. My dream is to write books, and I know this class will draw myself and my dream closer to reality. I have so many ideas just waiting to come out. What really gets me going is that I'll have so much meat in my portfolio when I'm done with these classes, and that gives my craft substance. I want to join the newspaper club as well and have some published pieces! Well I better get ready... One hour to class!