Sunday, September 7, 2008

Making a Choice

Of late I find myself more interested in politics than I've ever been. I guess I feel like there is so much weighing on our country right now, that it would be neglectful and stupid to vote for someone without learning as much as I can about both candidates.

I'm a person for change and evolving. I am more for peace and co-existing humbly in the world. I believe in living my life and letting others live theirs, without imposing on them. I am not a fan of debt, and when the damage has been done to either my credit card or the nation's, I feel we must put in the necessary work to eliminate that debt. I am all for the american dream and fighting and working hard to achieve it. I don't like cocky candidates, but confidence and determination win me over. I don't feel that you need to have years of experience to be a natural born leader. I think it's important to campaign with dignity and truth, rather than smear and a Godly belief about one's self.

I feel that we need a strong candidate who can work to fix our name in the rest of the world. We need to help our people at home, the real people, not only the one's that are well off. We need this kind of person in office, someone who is educated well and understands the needs of this country's people. We need a candidate that is thought through, one that doesn't make dangerous spur of the moment decisions. We need someone looking out for our best interest at home. I plan on watching all of the debates to come. I want to know where this country is headed, and I am very interested in hearing both sides talk up their own policies and views.

I know that this year the election is very important to young people. We have a war going on, and we are the ones who will be going into it. This year we need to make our voices heard. We need to fight for our country's intelligence. I know I will be at the polls making sure my two cents gets put in. Afterall, who do we want to decide the future fate of our young children to come?


Rhea said...

nice blog. glad someone has the same thoughts as me, im voting =]