Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cosme-terminology Quiz: Alopecia

What does the term Alopecia mean?

A. Abnormal hair growth
B. Brittle nails
C. Chronic split ends
D. Gray hair
E. Abnormal hair loss

If you said E, you're right.

The most common types of alopecia, or abnormal hair loss, are:

  • androgenic alopecia - resulting from genetics, age, and hormonal changes 
  • alopecia areata - the sudden falling out of hair in round patches, or baldness in spots
  • postpartum alopecia - temporary hair loss experienced at the end of pregnancy
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Carmen said...

I remember after one of my pregnancies losing hair. It was
upsetting. After speaking with my doctor and being reassured it would grow back I didn't worry about it. It did grow back.

Kate said...

A few years ago I had an overactive thyroid and was a candidate for Hoshimotos Disease. These thyroid problems cause excessive hair loss as well as brittle nails. Thankfully I was able to just change my diet without the help of medication and the excessive hair loss stopped!