Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love, Myspace

What will your kids say when you tell them no? It is unacceptable behavior to go out of the house looking like that. Will they run back to their rooms, put on the red polo shirtfrom Ralph Lauren, that you gave them for Christmas, while you sip coffee from a Starbucks cup imagining what a great job you've done creating such obedient offspring? You will make mental comparisons of how you only wish the dog would listen as well as the kids. You'll smile knowing that it's all worth it in the end, to be listened to. They will call you into their room, and youwill grab a scissor and run to cut the pesky tag they must need help with. And the smile on your face will fall into the cup you are holding the moment you see your face on their computer screen dressed in one of the outfits you had at their age. They will look confident, then confused as you fall apart when they point to the photo of the guy, who's not dad, with his hand down your pants and tongue on your breast, and then at you smiling the same way you always do, enjoying youth. Then they will pick up the red polo, take the scissors from your hand, and cut their own tag.