Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bob Marley Sundays

God love spring! I'm sitting in the kitchen looking out the window with the front door held w i d e open. The beast is contained safely behind a baby gate, while Bob Marley croons "Three Little Birds" in the background. This is what I'm talking about.

If New Jersey was created for just one reason alone, it has to be for moments like these. I'm excited. The weather is getting beautious and I'm safely in my it's warm enough to eat healthy mode. Winter drags me down the carbohydratic hill of pizza, sandwiches, not so much pasta, but rice, all not so good for the waistline or ankleage.

Here's a lil free style poem for you...

White fence glows bright under warm rays.
Pots are waiting for some life to burrow deep
and spring forward green glorious gardens
whimsy, thorned, and thick with layers.
People buzz like bugs on the surface, more
communities than we are aware of. Cyclic.
Symbolic. The circle of spring.


vampy_couture said...

I feel like the carbs kick in so much more in the summer, because really? What's better than boardwalk pizza or even worse.. FRIED OREOS. Ah New Jersey, your seasons astound me.

Sariana said...

You know what.. you're right. Actually we both are! Those damn carbs are always a threat :( Philly Cheesesteak Pizza at Belmar mmm