Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cleaning House

If you clean it, more will come.

Let's be frank. For the past year I'd been subconsciously collecting mass amounts of papers, clothes, shoes, and lots of stuff. Like most, when angry I clean, but somehow I never got to actually finish the job. Things got neater, but cleared out and really cleaned, not so much.

As shit hits the fan, I usually hit a massive garbage bag with all the stuff I deem unworthy to exist in my world from that point on. I guess its symbolic for saying "I don't need this anymore," about whatever or whoever the anger stems from. The physical act of cleaning and throwing out psychologically makes you feel like you've taken things into your own hands and dealt with it.

On the other hand, I've noticed that when my life feels chaotic, usually my areas reflect that message as well. My room will look like a giant tornado hit and didn't break anything but just roughed up the place, and it will also appear like I'm a frequent on Antique Roadshow, living amongst all of the collections in my car.

I've just taken a huge downsizing to my closet and dresser, finishing the job and making some room, only to find myself online and purchasing more stuff to fill the void. What gives?

I think it's a reinvention thing. When I've had it, I need to change it up, get new stuff, switch up my style, and shop! Or maybe it's just a girl thing. Either way, my new lingerie should be arriving in 4-7 days.. and you can call me Madonna.