Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wetting My Feet

Tomorrow I'm off to Boston with my mom and my manfriend (not the dog.) And yes, it's manfriend instead of boyfriend for today- even though we still talk about the future as "when we grow up..." The three of us are going on a tour of my future school and then an information session regarding housing the following day. I'm so excited! It's hard to contain it all...

The other day I went out to Kohls and bought five beautiful bath towels in gorgeous colors. I can't wait to wrap myself in them in Boston. I also bought five sets of XL twin sheets (midnight, smoke, zebra, pearl, and seafoam green- since I know you're curious about the colors, and I wanted to be creative with the descriptions.) It's so much fun imagining how they're going to have a place somewhere in a different city and so will I.

When I was a young girl I frequently imagined what my adult life would be like. I clearly remember seeing myself as a fashionista in a long dark fall coat with a grayish turtleneck underneath, tight slightly dressy slacks, and heeled boots. There were bright colored leaves falling at my feet and the distinct notion that I was at the beginning of a journey. My long dark hair bounced along my chest as I hurried along to some destination unknown at the time.

It's great to finally be here and to know that not only am I on the right path in life, but it was meant to be this way all along. Through all of the depressed days, bad influences, foolish choices, and uncertainty of my younger years, I was always destined for greater things, and it is because of no one, but Sara, that I grew into the person I am today.

Enjoy today and reflect on your own accomplishments and goals. How do you see yourself when you grow up?


vampy_couture said...

I always pictured myself being famous. You know, like famous for being a prowrestler or a famous vampire slayer.. gotta start sending out these resumes the job market for this shit is getting tough!