Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Color Shimmery Shadow Look

Hey guys!

This is my tutorial on a two color shimmery eye look.  I hope you like it :)
  • After setting concealer & foundation, apply an eyeshadow primer.  This works to grab the color & make it really pop.
  • Choose your 2 shimmery colors (You can keep them in the same color family like I did, or mix & match depending on how bold you want your look.)  My colors were from Bare Escentuals: Nude Beach (Lighter) & Downtown (Darker)
  • Keep your two shadow brushes separate to eliminate confusion
  • Start with the light color first by using the excess powder found in the cap.  It's usually enough to start.  Blend from the corner of your eye (closest to your nose) to the middle of your eyelid.  Don't go all the way up to your brow.  Dip your brush in more shadow & swirl, or tap, the excess off on the lid.  Continue until desired effect.
  • Do the same for the darker color, except begin the color from the middle of the eyelid to the end of the eyelid.  Keep a nice round shape, keep some distance from the brow, & don't apply it too far past the end of your eye.
  • Bring the darker color just slightly under the lower lash line for a smoky dramatic look.
Finish up with your signature mascara, eyeliner, etc.

I hope you guys found this easy to follow.  Leave me some comments, so I can customize my posts to bring you everything you want to learn.


Sally said...

Your video is very easy to follow. I always thought the process had to be lengthy and tedious, but it seems easy to get a great look with just a couple of colors.

Do you have any recommendations for color combinations? Does your eye color matter? I've always thought I shouldn't use blue-related hues because I have blue eyes, but some people have told me this doesn't matter.

Sariana said...

Hi Sally! I'm glad you enjoyed my first blog video. A sexy shimmery eye doesn't have to be a long process, & once you know your favorite colors, you can achieve the look even faster.

As far as color goes, I think blue eyes are some of the most striking looking because of their light appearance. I especially love the way lavender & a darker purple looks on blue eyes. You can experiment with golds & warm colors to contrast with the coolness of blue. Or, you can test out sea greens & pearly pinks to try something bolder.

The most important thing to have when using any shade of shadow is confidence. I've seen blue on blue combos that really stand out, so don't be afraid to try something new.

I'll create a post on this topic for all my blue-hued sistas! Thanks for the comment :)