Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shimmery Shadow for Blue Hues

Question:  Sally asked,"Do you have any recommendations for color combinations? Does your eye color matter? I've always thought I shouldn't use blue-related hues because I have blue eyes, but some people have told me this doesn't matter."

Answer:  Hi Sally! I'm glad you enjoyed my first blog video. A sexy shimmery eye doesn't have to be a long process, & once you know your favorite colors, you can achieve the look even faster. 

As far as color goes, I think blue eyes are some of the most striking looking because of their light appearance. I especially love the way lavender & a darker purple looks on blue eyes. You can experiment with golds & warm colors to contrast with the coolness of blue. Or, you can test out sea greens & pearly pinks to try something bolder. 

The most important thing to have when using any shade of shadow is 
confidence. I've seen blue on blue combos that really stand out, so don't be afraid to try something new.

Thanks for the comment :)

Celebrity photos below

Taylor Swift wears blue on blue like it's nobody's business.

Rachel McAdams illustrates a bold pop of purple.

Megan Fox makes nude shadow look glamorous.

Charlize Theron uses gold & brown shimmer.

Try out different looks, & above all, HAVE FUN!!!!