Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Trip to "The Wendy William's Show"

I had such a great time at the Wendy William's Show today!  My cousin, my mother, and I drove into New York City to be a part of her studio audience for the fashionable "Eye Candy" episode.  From the audience to the ambiance, beauty was a big part of the day.

Guess who I spotted while waiting outside on line.

Hint: She recently "took over" New York with one of her sisters.

For photos:
Can you tell?

One of my favorite fashionistas, Kim K., stopped to smile and wave on her way out.

Here's a shot of the fun wall art in one of the waiting areas.

The audience and stage behind me.


Guests on the show were Sugar Ray Leonard, whos skin looked phenomenal, and his gorgeous Dancing With the Stars partner, Anna Trebunskaya.  Loved them!

Wendy also did a room makeover for a young mother, and the show gave $100 Family Dollar gift cards to  all members of the audience.  Can't wait to go shopping!

The show airs at 10 AM EST on Fox.  

Have you ever gone to the Wendy Show?  What was your experience?


Anonymous said...

Great pics!!

Kate said...

It must've been so awesome seeing Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna! I'm jealous. Happy to hear you had a fab time =)

Sariana said...

Kate, it was such a blast! They work the crowd up before the show. Music, dancing, and contests.

Sariana said...

.... and how could I forget the chocolate munchkins!