Monday, May 2, 2011

10 Essential Skin Care Items

Do you care about your skin? Perhaps you've simplified your routine, or maybe you're just starting a regular regimen. No matter what your story is, if you care about your skin, these products should have a permanent place on your personal cosmetic's counter.

  1. Cleansers - Cream Cleansers a.k.a Cleansing Milks moisturize while they clean. These are great for dry or mature skin. Foaming Cleansers are great for a deeper clean. They work well to remove oil, product buildup, makeup or sunscreen. For those people who love a good old fashioned bar of soap, go for those that are specially formulated for facial skin, like Glycerin Soaps or Cleansing Bars. Normal soap is definitely too harsh and can be very irritating.
  2. Makeup Wipes - These are great to use late at night when you've had a great time but you don't feel like breaking out the cleanser, water, and drying towel. These wipes fit discreetly in the purse, and if you plan on having a sleepover, they're perfect to pull out in a jiffy. Keep in mind, they may not take off your full eye makeup, so a separate eye makeup remover may be good to buy, as well.
  3. Facial Scrubs - These are great for exfoliation, or sloughing off dead skin cells to expose healthier looking skin. I love using one of these before any self-tanning, as it makes the color last longer. Facial scrubs also help to brighten up a dull complexion.
  4. Toners - These products are used after cleansing and exfoliating. They help to remove any excess oil or film from cleansing, and they tend to make the skin feel tighter. Be sure to find a toner without alcohol listed as an ingredient. You can also make your own toner by choosing an appropriate natural oil, like Tea Tree Oil, and adding a few drops to water in a spray bottle.
  5. Moisturizers - If you're an oily girl or guy, you can choose a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer during the day. There are plenty of gel- or lotion-based products that contain more water than oil. For people who want lots of moisture, opt for a more heavy product. These thicker products work well for dry or aging skin, as well as, during winter months when moisture can escape from the skin more readily.
  6. Masks - These are great for clarifying, purifying, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Find out which type of mask is best for you here.     
  7. Serums - These are one of my favorite items to keep on hand. Serums provide a concentrated dose of nourishment from plant extracts to vitamins and anti-aging ingredients. They also work to help hydrate the skin. I put mine on right before bed or just a few minutes before moisturizer and sunscreen. For some of my favorite serums.
  8. Eye Creams - A good eye cream can make all the difference in the world. Some of the most noticeable wrinkles of the face occur around the eyes. Eye creams help the thinner skin in this area to firm up, and they also include formulations that are more sensitive than those found in regular moisturizers.
  9. Blemish Treatments - These are great for problematic skin, or for anyone who gets the occasional pimple or red spot. Blemish treatments frequently contain antiseptic ingredients like witch hazel and tea tree oil to help combat blemishes. You can treat the area by applying a dab of product to a cotton swab and then gently working magic over the complexion culprit.
  10. Sunscreen - Sunscreen is great for protecting your skin from the sun. Thankfully, lots of moisturizers are now including a sunscreen in their formulations, so you can get the benefits of both in one product. Go for a formulas with an SPF of at least 15. Reach for SPF 30, or above, if you're planning a day at the beach. It has been said that wearing a high-factor SPF, anything over 30, can help your skin to reverse past sun damage. This amount of protection allows your skin the chance to repair itself because it isn't fending off the rays of the sun.
With this arsenal of beauty items in your bag, you should be glowing like a gorgeous goddess in no time!

With all the items out there, it can be difficult to figure out which products work the best. What are some of your favorite products from these categories?