Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 Types of Face Masks

Try these three types of face masks before resorting to a ski mask.  They can most likely help your problem, I swear!

Peel-off masks

These are the fun masks children usually can't get enough of.  Apply to the skin, wait a little while, and peel the soft dried pieces from of your face.  Peel-off masks are often associated with cucumber.  They exfoliate the skin and leave it with a bright, radiant glow.

Clay face masks

These have the consistency of powder and are usually mixed with water to form a paste.  While they process, clay masks harden to form a thin shell over the skin.  It's best to keep your face still while the clay hardens, so no phone calls or funny movies.  I love clay masks because they help to clear pores, and my face always feels tight and clean after using one.  Clay masks have a similar effect to mud masks.  

Moisturizing face masks

These masks are great for dry skin.  They're creamy and they impart lots of moisture to help revitalize parched, flaky skin.  Rosewater and seaweed are great ingredients to look for in this type of mask.  Unlike clay masks, these don't harden on the skin.  So, feel free to watch a funny movie and express yourself while it works.  Enjoy renewed, soft skin after rinsing.

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What are your favorite masks to use?  Spill your secrets below.


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