Monday, May 2, 2011

Concealer Tip: Which Finger to Use for Application

If you're like me and you enjoy using your fingers to apply some of your products, there is a secret tip I want to share with you.

Did you know that your...

ring finger, the one next to your pinky, is actually one of the weakest fingers on your hand? I didn't always know this, but I'm glad I do now. By using the ring finger to apply your concealer, lip gloss, or other cosmetics, you can rest assured that skin will be handled with your gentlest touch. The pointer finger can feel like the most natural one to use, but it can also cause you to be too heavy handed, pulling and tugging on  delicate areas of the face. Always remember to use the ring finger. It might feel odd at first, but your skin will be thankful!

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What are your tips/tricks when it comes to applying cosmetics? Share them here :)


Kate said...

I've always applied moisturizer with my ring finger as I find it's more sensitive than other fingers and I get a more even layer throughout my whole face.