Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hot Hats and Bangs for Winter

Hey beauty loves! 

December is here, and I wanted to share two of my favorite things this month. Aside from a warm, cozy scarf, I have grown to adore a good hat. As it gets colder, the type of hat you choose will change. So far I've loved rocking the fedora and those cute little "cabbie" hats.

One of my other favorites this season is bangs!

A few months ago I was debating whether or not to snip away... I chose not to. This season, it's all about fringe, and I'm loving my new look. I cut my bangs dry and above my eyebrows. If you decide to clip your own bangs, always remember to make a very good part first. Be sure to check that the shape of the part is equal and you have an adequate amount of hair on both sides. I like to start in the middle and then blend the sides into the rest of my hair, creating a frown-like shape. If your confidence is a little shaky, call your favorite stylist and make an appointment for a bang trim. Who says you can't gift to yourself this holiday season?

What are some of your favorite trends this winter?