Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion Friday

You know what day it is.

Fashion Friday: The Sweaters with Hearts and Stripes Edition!

This week, Lee and I took a more casual approach to our outfits by going for muted colors with bold patterns. Keep reading to find out where these looks are from

Lee found her fun striped sweater from INC at Macy's. I love the fitted silhouette and the button and collar details on this black and gray piece. My preppy 'Heartbreaker' sweater from J Crew was a Black Friday
splurge that I'm in love with. It's made of wool, but there's nothing itchy about this sweater. I'm not a big fan of round collars, but this one is the exception.

Our laid-back looks also feature minimal makeup and sleek straight hair. (Did I mention that work starts at 8 am on Friday?) These looks are perfect for any casual day at home or the office, and they look adorable if you're heading to class or the library. Cute and comfortable. 

What should we wear for next week's Fashion Friday?