Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Rise and Fall of the PMS Union

I can't stand this craziness! Its like I turn into this spastic cartoon of myself a week before my friend, or enemy is more like it, arrives.

I can be intense. To those who don't know me I may seem mellow, detached, maybe even somewhat aloof. That is probably because I am, around most people. It takes a lot for someone to gain my interest. More than the ever present cell phone drama or who stole whose significant other I don't care. I like smart people, old souls like me, where some lifetime ago, we've been there done that, and moved on to the more important questions, like "How do I find balance?" and "What is my purpose?" Intense for a young one, it gets even worse when I'm PMSing, and probably even worse if you do know me. Really know me that is.

I've found a cycle I go through, as part of my cycle. I get very emotional and needy. I get very upset when my needs are not met, and then I get angry and contemplate ending my ties with the people that piss me off and usually the ones I love the most. It doesn't matter who it is. If they don't comply on a whim; I'm done. For the moment. The sad thing is, that I feel like I can't control myself and it nauseates me. I can't stand myself at times like these and just wish it would just end sooner. Call it hormones. It's tough being a girl.