Monday, July 14, 2008

So Addicted

At my second home, the bookstore, Borders to be exact, I picked up a thirsty fiction called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The alluring cover of two pale hands holding a bright red apple against a black background caught my attention. As did the alert that this was the #1 New York Times bestseller! I must say that I only bought this tale of human and vampire love two days ago, and I am already on page 258 and already anticipating making my purchase for the sequel. I've even googled the author and the fact that this book is soon hitting the big screen as a major motion picture caught my eye. I love vampires and the forbidden world of love and sex they possess, usually to entice the innocent. This is a must have book for the summer, and its definitely piqued my interest.


Sariana said...

Okay so I'm officially addicted now.. finished with the first, almost done with the second, and already bought the third. Why do I love vampire stories so much?!