Tuesday, July 1, 2008


July is here which makes me feel like summer has officially arrived. Ladies in shiny flip flops with pedicured toes and exfoliated calves peaking out of their preppy cutoffs. Highlighted hair rolling beachy waves and the smell of the ocean. Mosquito bites the size of a quarter that begin itching with the slightest touch, and barbeques by the pool with friends. I love summer. I was born in the summer, a child of warm weather, who all too frequently complains,"I cold," to anyone willing to listen.

I remember the days when the neighborhood girls and I would put on shows for our parents and the other members of our street. Dancing in our bathing suits singing Spice Girls and Disney movie songs, even our own creations. There were days I loved just sitting outside exploring my yard for cool bugs and digging to find dinosaur bones in the backyard.

When I think back on some of my fondest memories, I recount mostly those from the summer. I love the sun and I think summer brings a breath of fresh air to everyone, reminding us to cool down and relax. That you've got to enjoy life for all that it has to offer with the sunshine guiding your way.


Rhea said...

did u take that picture? its gorgeous. you are a very entertaining writer. i am a fan and by the way i miss being neighborhood girls =[