Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vamos A La Playa

We go to the beach and that's for sure!

Yesterday I got ready in record time after my girlfriend called my cell. It's New Joisey tradition to go down to the shore every summer and lay out on the sand, baking until crisp. With a race car driver's speed I arrived at her house and she, her sister, and two girlfriends (one equipped with a guy friend) and myself rode on our empty tank of gas, just barely making it to our final destination.

After paying our seven dollar cover charge, and hearing some complaints, we set up on the sand. Colorful striped towels, cute bathing suits, and sunscreen laden chests abound. It was nice spending time with the girls, and one guy. Just feeling ever so carefree on my day off. I sat watching all of the NJ natives and visiting New Yorkers crammed onto one beach, yet somehow all sprawled out on their towels, living the good life, and it felt great to be a part of that. Minus my new sunburn of course!

We were also entertained watching the old man in front of us sunbathe oh so scantily clad, except for wearing a pair of white tube socks and then shoes and socks. Hmm... to each their own.


Anonymous said...

yessssssss this ones about me ! hehe

loverrrr you! =]