Friday, August 1, 2008

August Already

August 1st, 2008! What do you mean? How can the summer that just started already be coming to a close in just a few seemingly short weeks? And then it will be my birthday! Another year older, all the wiser I hope.

I'm in awe of the fact that my baby, this blog, is two months old almost. I really have fun going back and reading my old posts. Its funny to see how some things that bothered me before remain today, and others vanished. And how my writing definitely speaks my emotion.

As I sit here with the warm sun beaming on my face and the ice cool air of inside blowing away the heat, I feel very even keeled. I know that things will be changing soon in my life, and hopefully I'm strong enough to take on the challenges and work that comes along with being an independent individual. I want so much to just focus on going to school right now and being a student, but it seems that although I have people who care for me, none are quite situated enough to pick up all the pieces leaving me carefree.

I really want to enjoy this time that I have now to be able to experience worry free living, and maybe that means a vacation is due. I would say so. So where to my love? I don't know yet, but definitely some place magical and relaxing and all inclusive!!