Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapter 1: This is Called Karma or I Told You So or How to Lose Your Mind in 10 Days

It used to happen all the time when I was little. School trip to Washington D.C., and where is Sara? Home sick. Not homesick, but home sick with some form of cold, stomach bug, or rare strain of cooties that popped up to put the kabosh on my fun. It was almost predictable. I'd try not to psych myself up about that special sleepover date with my cousin that I so wanted to attend, because just leave it to my own capsule of life to let an unwelcome visitor in to stay for awhile.

Middle school Pocono trip? Yes, I missed it. Just a week before the trip Mrs. Vitale, our gray haired man/woman gym teacher decided to use my hurdle jumping as an example of what not to do during gym class. She told the group to watch as she lifted my tiny body over the spokes in the ground and dropped me mid-jump onto my ankle with a pop. Then she ignored me as I hobbled to the nurse's office like I'd done so many times before. It swelled up to the size of a softball, and I guess I should have seen it coming.

I thought I was done with little bugs getting in my way. I'd like to say that I am, but recently time, or karma, seems to be catching up with me, and it's not fun. A few weeks ago I mentioned a date with my girlfriend that included some creamy yummy banana cheesecake. Upon waking up in the middle of the night with a strange stomach sensation I must say it didn't come back up as smoothly as it first went down. I guess I should just be happy that I didn't miss anything because of it.

Next in line a beachy free for all with another girlfriend. Eighty degrees in April was just way too tempting, and I got enough sun for the entire east coast. I imagine that I probably could have cooked an omelet on my thighs and made it a Youtube video. Sleeping with your legs elevated so they don't retain water and make you look like an elephant is sooo much fun! Just kidding. By the way, I'm still peeling.

Finally, what has been an event I've been thinking of all semester and mentioning at least once in each blog post? Graduation! So if time has taught me anything from the past, I should have realized not to make such a big deal about graduating. I should have kept all the excitement contained and let it burst out on the day. But me being me, I had to erupt- just a little.

I told friends, family, coworkers, practice members, people in fitting rooms, people I didn't know, and people that didn't speak English that I was graduating on Sunday, May 17th with a degree in Psychology. In all honesty I should have been able to own those statements and spray them on anyone without feeling guilty. I worked hard. Going from high school drop out to college graduate is such a testimony to personal power and potential. So what am I actually getting at here? Sometimes it's best to just keep your mouth shut or wear a germ mask.

I'm sick again damnit! Just four days before graduation I'm sitting in my cocoon of a room missing my office's patient appreciation dinner and praying that I'm all better by Sunday. I've got The Dress, matching heels, and a to-die-for feeling of pride in myself that even I sometimes wonder where it came from. Without giving too much information, today I had a fever, migraine headache, and a blast from the cheesecake past. The good news is that I feel a million times better now, and hopefully the worst of it is over.

Sunday is going to be a kick ass day- graduating and then celebrating with family and friends. I'm not going to let anything get in my way, and I'm going to have a great time even if I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in the process!