Sunday, March 27, 2011

3 New Nail Looks I Love

I adore this fashion inspired nail look!  The vampy quality of the black & the almost decal perfect white dots.  Each fingertip looks like a mini corset.  It takes superior skills to be able to polish with this much precision.

For a peak at 2 more of my favorite nail styles...

This look is so glamorous.  I love the neutral gray color with the shimmery bling on the tip.  

This design is bright & fiery but also versatile enough to try with almost any color.  I love painting my nails in zebra stripes with black & white.  A definite must-have is a small nail brush.  You can buy thin bristled brushes at craft stores or beauty supply stores.  Look for the best deal & steal this sexy look!


When buying nail polish make sure there is no formaldehyde in it.  
Nail polish is one of the products that pesky ingredient likes to sneak into.

Read this related post to know the different names Formaldehyde may be listed under:


Kate said...

LOVE the first and third nail looks. I've also seen a "crackle" look (I think that's what it's called) popping up online and in stores. Would love to find out how to get the look.

MK said...

I like the zebra black and white too!

Sariana said...

Kate, the crackle look is really cool. I've seen that before in black & hunter green, and it looked awesome.

MK, I can't get enough zebra print!

Keep the comments coming guys :)