Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beauty Blunder 2: Lipstick for Chapped Lips?

Question:  Help!  I have a bad case of chapped lips, and I want to wear lipstick for my job interview tomorrow.  What do I do?

Answer: Calm down girl! You're going to rock it out with your sexy pout.  Apply a layer of moisturizing chapstick to your lips before your lipstick (try to stay away from long-lasting a.k.a "drying" products.)  Avoid licking your lips & be gentle when removing your lipstick after the interview. Reapply your chapstick!

Continue to learn 8 common lip irritants...

The lips do not contain sebaceous (oil) or sweat glands, so they can't create moisture on their own.  That's why we're constantly wetting them with saliva or slathering on a silky layer of chapstick to keep them moist.  When the lips become irritated, they chap more easily.

Here is a list of 8 common lip irritants:
  1. dry air
  2. herpes
  3. smoking
  4. sunburn
  5. infection
  6. medication
  7. excessive heat/cold
  8. long-wearing lipsticks
Drink lots of water to keep hydrated, apply, & reapply chapstick frequently throughout the day to create a protective barrier against dry, cracked lips.  If possible, avoid any further irritation until your skin heals.  

Good luck on that interview!


SQWG said...

Sometimes I don't even realize my lips look chapped. Not a pretty picture. Thanks for the info.stion

Sariana said...

You're welcome! Lip balm is my best friend these days, especially with the colder weather. I have a handful of favorites.