Monday, March 28, 2011

My Beauty Bookshelf

I wanted to share one of my favorite beauty books with you. I was fortunate to work on early marketing for this book as an intern at Da Capo Press in Boston.  That's how I found out about No More Dirty Looks, & I haven't forgotten about it since.

No More Dirty Looks : The Truth about Your Beauty Products by Siobhan O'Connor & Alexandra Spunt was published in 2010, & I've learned so many great tips about keeping only safe cosmetics in my bag.

The book idea was born when the two women authors wanted a treatment to make their hair easily straight & silky.  They headed out for a Brazilian blowout (a popular keratin straightening treatment.)  Little did they know the treatment included the harmful ingredient

Formaldehyde.  No one had warned them about the side effects.  They were only handed a pair of goggles & they ignored the irritation to their eyes & lungs brought on by the chemicals.

Weeks later, when the spell of perfect hair had worn off, their locks were fried, & they were unsatisfied, the women began doing research about the beauty industry & how unregulated it is.  They had been shocked to find out that toxic Formaldehyde was what was used, & they were inspired to take it as a lesson to learn what else existed in commonly used cosmetics.

I love this book!  As a cosmetologist, I think it's extremely important for regular people to know what they're exposing themselves to.  From foundation & fragrances to finding out what role the FDA plays in the cosmetics industry, this book is full of the juicy information every health & beauty-minded person should know.  As a woman & future mother (many years ahead on that one!), I am so thankful for the research involved in investigating this topic.  Not many people know the importance of checking labels & knowing what to look out for.

This book makes it easy & enjoyable to get informed!