Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beauty Conscious Wendy Williams Goes Home On Dancing With The Stars

I'm so sad Wendy got sent home tonight; she truly gave it her all!!! I love her personality, her show, and her honesty when it comes to wearing wigs, having had her breasts done, and telling it like it is.

Here's a look back at some photos from her time with Tony Dovolani on the dance floor.

Love the bossy hot housewife persona.  Real Housewife of NJ right there!

Though the dance scored the lowest of the night, Wendy looked amazing in a blue dress and fiery red lips.

It's okay, you can get your Wendy Williams fix by tuning in to "The Wendy Williams Show" @ 10am on Fox EST.


MK said...

I felt bad Wendy was sent home too! She was one of the main reasons I was watching DWTS. I enjoyed watching her and Tony. Given more time I think she would have gotten much better! Oh well,
at least there's the Wendy Williams Show to enjoy!!!!!!!!!