Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Elegant Hair Curls Guest Blog Video Tutorial!

The Beauty Blunder Blog would like to welcome guest blogger, Brittany for her 'Classic Curls' video tutorial.

Being a girl can be hard work. I’m not saying you need to have the perfect hair and makeup to be beautiful, because you don’t, but even I’ll admit there’s extra pep in my step when I know I look good. Luckily, looking good doesn't have to be hard work. If you’re like me and low maintenance is not only a way of life but a way of style, you’ll love getting the most wear from the effort you put into your look.

Although my normal “everyday” hair is usually perpetual bedheadI work from homeI do have two go-to styles that make me look a little more put together. I’m big on braids, but if your fingers aren’t nimble enough to tackle them, my other go-to involves using a curling wand. To achieve voluminous ringlets or soft waves, a clamp-less curling wand can be your best friend.  They are perfect for any hair type. My hair is naturally wavy, and it hates normal curling irons but loves these.

I’ve always learned it’s easier to show and not tell, so I've put together a video on how to achieve effortless hair curls that will not only look good the first day but will also give you second day hair that’s textured and ready to take on another day!


Brittany DeMauro is a creative writer who moonlights as a self-proclaimed braiding guru.  If there’s a cool braid out there, she can figure it out.  But wait!  At 23, she likes to think she’s a Jack(ie) of all trades, so she works as a freelance writer to spread the word on the few tricks she’s picked up along the way.  Check out or connect with her at @BrittaxRose for more about this writer.