Friday, November 23, 2012

Fashion Friday

TGIFFFF fashion lovers!

Fashion gets us through the work day.

Thank God it's Faux Fur Fashion Friday! How appropriate is that tiger mural behind us?

This is Jersey, after all.

Lee and I had a blast in the office today wearing two different faux fur vests that magically coordinated really well. If you're out and about this Black Friday, and want a really great deal--who doesn't?!--check out

Urban Outfitters where I got this fun Chewbacca-style vest. In fact, this faux fur vest appears to be on sale in an eye-catching black and white pattern. Lee got her enviable long version at Burlington Coat Factory. (Clearly, they are more than great coats!) It's easy to emulate rock star style by adding a faux fur vest to an otherwise simple outfit. A fashionable faux fur vest can be just what you need to amp up your style for work, a party or any fun night on the town.

Can't wait for next week's Fashion Friday!

How do you like to wear your faux fur?