Friday, November 23, 2012

Dull Skin? Brighten It in 3 Easy Steps

Brighten Dull Skin Easily

If you think 'My skin is dull', keep reading...

Do you have winter weary skin?

The skin is a strong natural protector of the body, however it can begin to look less than radiant after a while. That’s where proper skincare comes in. With a few simple tips you can brighten dull skin and restore your natural glow. If your skin looks dull, follow these steps to achieve gorgeous bright skin without using a skin lightening cream:

1. Exfoliate two to three times per week to remove surface debris.

Dead skin cells build up over time. When these cells, coupled with dirt, oil and makeup residue, accumulate on the epidermis, they can inhibit your natural radiance. These cells can also cause an unhealthy-looking, grey skin tone. Exfoliating helps to reveal a refreshed appearance. Find a naturally formulated scrub, or make one yourself using a delicious DIY homemade facial scrub recipe, which uses natural and inexpensive ingredients from your kitchen.

2. Find a toner that works for your skin type.

This step helps to remove any leftover cleanser and residue, and it acts as a nice everyday step that can help with dull skin. I gravitate toward products with natural ingredients like apple, grapefruit, tangerine and rosemaryWhen you find your favorite toner, add it to a cotton pad and use upward motions to avoid pulling the skin down. Gravity does enough of that on its own!

3. Use a brightening serum.

Vitamin C isn't only for fighting colds. This powerful antioxidant does wonders when applied to the skin. There are many forms of Vitamin C, but research has shown that Ascorbic Acid is one of the best. Check out this very interesting and insightful article about Ascorbic Acid from Truth in Aging. Personally, I like to use a brightening serum every other day before putting on a moisturizer with sun protection. In the past, I used to shun SPF, but as a 26-year old with hyperpigmentation and fine lines, I've decided that this line of defense is a must for my anti-aging regimen--especially while working on brightening my skin.

There are plenty of gentle and effective ways to achieve brighter skin without going as far as skin bleaching, which can thin the skin and lead to potential damage of the nervous system. This article about skin lightening creams from the NY Times describes the rise in skin whitening and some helpful tips to keep in mind. Remember, a little help in the brightening department goes a long way. Your natural beauty isn't only skin deep. It also comes from within.

xO Sara

What's your favorite toner, exfoliator and brightening serum?