Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Shopping Guide: Unique Gifts for Him, Her and You!

Holiday shopping doesn't have to be chaotic. It's easy to find gifts for him, gifts for her, and even gifts for yourself (wink, wink) when you're organized and educated. Yes, I know the fun of wandering into a store and loading up on unexpected goodies, but you won't always come across little gems like these. That's why I've put together a few of my favorite things, the online edition!

Gifts for Her:

  1. Idle hands won't be a problem with this Craft-A-Day book.
  2. BFF just go through a bad breakup? This knife set is sure to bring a slice of joy to her life!
  3. Gather style inspiration from the pages of this fun Fashion Book.
  4. This Head Massager is perfect for those days when you need a head massage, but no one's willing. (Sometimes people suck.)

Gifts for Him:

  1. Everyone loves a good gag gift and this Fart Blaster is literally just that!
  2. Everything is better with bacon! I nominate this Bacon-flavored Floss 'Invention of the Year'.
  3. Try this Sharky Tea Infuser shaped like a shark fin. Submerge the bottom in hot water, and watch the tea diffuse like a fresh kill!
  4. Just genius. He will love this smart drinking mug and so will you.
  5. A t-shirt for the guy who's obsessed with SNL, Will Ferrell or Darrell Hammond.

Gifts for Me:

  1. I've always wanted a cool flask like this!
  2. This is my perfect makeup. I use "un" cover up by RMS Beauty in shade 11 as a concealer and foundation. I even use other colors to contour my look.
  3. Bunnies are my fave, and so are rings. This adorable Ring Holder brings the two together in such cuteness. I think I need this book of disapproving rabbits too.
  4. Young Broke and Beautiful is another book that sounds perfect for my broke bum.
  5. Don't make me explain the importance of having Ewok USB devices.
What are your favorite unique holiday gifts? Add them to the comments section below!